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The 2018 Cold Start Contest is Happening Right Now!
We are awarding over $500 in gift vouchers to the winners of the 2018 Cold Start Contest. Participating in the cold start contest is easy: film yourself starting your diesel in the cold, upload it to YouTube and send us a link! If the video meets the requirements below, your video will be added to our 2018 Cold Start Contest playlist and you will be officially entered to win. We look forward to seeing all the entries! Hurry, the 2018 IDParts Cold Start Contest ends at the end of this month!

How to enter:
1. Take a video of your car starting in the cold (be sure to follow the guidelines below)
2. Upload it to YouTube
3. E-mail the link to the video to [email protected]

We will award a $100 gift certificate to 5 winners, each in their own category.

2018 Cold Start Contest Categories:
  • Coldest Temperature Start (video must show thermometer in video)
  • Most FAIL (the car that struggles the most and still fails to start)
  • Most Dramatic (the car that struggles the most but succeeds)
  • Most Creative Video
  • Oldest Vehicle to Start Below 32F
Important Rules
Only one win per person. For example, this means that same person cannot win for both Coldest Temperature and for Most FAIL video.

To be officially entered your video must meet the following requirements:
  • You must say in your video: “This video is for the 2018 Cold Start Contest.”
  • You must identify your vehicle, year-make-model, and any modifications, including add-ons like FrostHeaters.
  • You must state the temperature. (To be considered for the coldest temperature start the temperature must be shown on a thermometer in the video).
  • You must upload the video to and it must be publicly visible.
We look forward to seeing your submissions!
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