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Hi folks,

Trying to figure out what is wrong with my car. It vibrates, but not all the time. The shifter is then moving in the gear selector like crazy, but not always. Rear axles have been replaced. Thought it could be the front end that can cause vibration.Car was pulling to the right so went also for aligment, and wheel balance and the guy from the shop told me that I need a new idler arm and new control arm bushings.
Any body done these replacemants ( pics maybe? )While I'm in there will replace shocks. But if this those not solve my vibration what will be the next thing to look at? flex disc, driveshaft bearings?
Flex disc's how do you know if they are worn?
Well it became a long story, but I know some of you out there have the answers.

Thanks Rookie[:(][:(][?][:)]

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If your car wanders across the road (can't keep it straight even w/alignment) then yes, the idler arm bushing needs to be replaced.

Vibration is usually balancing-related.

Check flex discs if rubber is cracked or worn. And if you hear a clunk when slowing to a stop, it could be the flex discs.

My advise is to get a Haynes manual, or check the Online Tech Thread pinned on this W123 forum. Lots of info there, mostly DIY. A Haynes manual might also be of great help if you haven't gotten a copy yet.
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