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Idle Problems Odd Situation

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I have a 95 c220 with 146k on it. In the last month I’ve replaced.

Brakes Rotors Pads front and back
Upper and lower balls joints
Front Tie Rod
Spark Plugs and wires
Fuel Filter
Air Filter
Oil Filter Plus oil change
I also ended up replacing a sensor by the transmission that was leaking fluid out of it? At least that’s what the mechanic told me.

Now I was driving about a week ago, and I had to slam on the brakes really hard to avoid an accident. Ever since that moment I’ve had a rough idle, when I’m stopping/stopped. The car starts up fine, and the idle seems to be fine when its in park. But when I shift to reverse, n, or drive the car dies, or shakes.

Well I had a diagnostic ran on it, and it was pointing toward the mass air flow sensor. So I bought a new one, and noticed my idle is still bad, but not as bad as before. Now the car will take off like a rocket ship, and I don’t have hard shifts in-between 1st and 2nd gear. However, the car still shakes, and upon occasion dies as I come to a quick stop. If I go easy and kinda roll with it… it will just shake instead of dying…

Any ideas would be helpful. I’ve spent about 2 grand all ready, and this is the last little thing I need to fix before I can get my car back to perfect condition.
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better mechanic

So i decided to use my buddy's mechanic. He's an old polish guy straight off the boat that is very used to working with European cars. He fixed my idle problem in about 10 minutes. He basically disconnect several hoses. The one going to the egr valve, and some others. He told me to put my finger on it, and i couldn't feel anything. Then he hooked up an air compress and blew air into several locations. Still nothing was working right. Then he found a contact that had a glob of something black in it. He sucked it out with some other device he had. Then i put my finger on it, and it was sucking pretty hard.

He reattached all my hoses. The idle is running absolutely perfectly.

On a side note he also checked my air, and said he could fix it fairly easily. So next weekend i'll let him do that next.

Didn't even charge me, really good guy.
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