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Idle Problem That Fixed Itself.........almost.

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Today on my way into town I stopped at a stoplight which was red and the engine ideal wandered up rom about 500 to 750 RPM and seemed to have an ignition miss or something. I was a bit worried that it would stall but it didn't and once I accelerated the engine ran fine. This happened about 5 times when I had to wait for red lights. The temperature gauge read 90C and the ambient was about 22C. When I got to my destination I left the car for about 1 hour and when I returned the car sputtered but did start and settled into a nice 600RPM idle and from then on all of the way home it ran just fine? I have no idea what happened. Does anyone have any suggestions ? I would like to know of maybe the ICV might have been sticking or something else to look at.
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Any kind of gasoline leak no matter how small is dangerous and a fire hazard so you really do need to check for the gas leak. Get a Magic Creeper. It'll make sliding under your car much easier and a little cleaner.
w201fan, Good advice. I do have a creeper. The leak must be so small if there is in fact one to fix that it was just the odor of gas and the fittings were all snugged. No actual gas liquid was detected. The leak in the leak down experiment may have be a very small leak at the gauge fitting. It wouldn't take much I don't imagine.This is a budget gauge set. I should try to do the test again.
141 - 142 of 142 Posts
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