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Identify this part? Please

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Hi everyone,
I've had a serious problem with my suspension for a while now...I had a mechanic take a look who said I had to replace two rear suspension arms. He made me wait for 3 weeks to end up saying he didn't have time. I had a new mechanic come take a look today and he showed me those arms in the rear suspension are actually completely fine...he identified two areas where he said a bolt was needed to hold the suspension up. and he says this is my problem...the problem is this guy doesn't speak English. SO he doesn't know what they're called!!!
No where on Google can I find this mystery bolt...and it's driving me crazy. Here are two photos that I hope can help in their's supposedly a bolt that goes in each of those holes (one image in front of the right rear tire and one behind the right rear tire)
Please let me know anyone.

Thank you!


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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