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Ideas on how to determine actual mileage of an old G

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Since acquiring my G 4 years ago I have always wondered how many times the odo has clocked over. The previous owner had no idea what the true milage was. Has anyone got some ideas how to access the true mileage? What one needs is some item that "wears out" at a more or less fixed rate independant of the type of road/driver abuse!. Dont know if its possible
PEter Merle
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Why would it matter?


When you are buying an old 4x4, G or any other, I don't think the mileage matters. You should just look at the condition of the car and engine and make sure that the price reflects the age as well as the condition. Wheater the car has 300k or 500k really makes no difference.

In your case where you already own the car, you can try to find the service history and based on the dates (years) your can get some idea. E.g. my car had been serviced by MB for the first 15 years, so that was easy. But then for the remaining years previous owners had made some own notes about the oilchanges etc. and also making a note of the mileage. This gave me some pointers as how many times the odo had gone over.

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