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I want to sell my 2002 C-Coupe 1700miles

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Capri Blue (people ask me what the name of color is bc they like it so much)<br> COMAND Navigation<br> Bose Sound System<br> 6 speed manual<br> Leather<br> Power Seats <br> Panoramic Roof<br> Recently Put on Remus Exhaust $600 NOT LOUD VERY NICE...willing to take off<br> EVERY OPTION AVAILABLE FOR CAR EXCEPT FOR PHONE<br> Bought for 38,000, Prestige Dealer NJ<br> Respond to this with offers you know what the car is worth...<br> SERIOUS ONLY<br> I am selling because i dont want a mercedes nothing wrong with the car at alli just want something else
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Forgot I want to sell my 2002 C-Coupe ...

Also has CD Changer
I am interested but...

$38,000? are you kidding? A C320 can be found at that price...
Re: I am interested but...

its true sniff my nuts
Re: I am interested but...

Photos of the car?
I'm interested too - post some pics please.
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