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83 300D Turbo Diesel Sedan
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Yesterday at work, on my way out, my door locks wouldn't work and the engine wouldn't shut off. I grabbed a vacuum hand pump and started testing. First time I'm doing this so correct me if I'm wrong.

I tested the yellow line going to the doors. Held vacuum without leaking, so that's okay right?

I tested the green with line to hvac and it leaked. The blower doesn't work anyway so I plugged it.

The yellow with grey/black stripe to the reservoir took forever to pump but I got it to show vacuum being held and it didn't leak.

Now, the green line isn't the problem. That alone disconnected I still couldn't turn the engine off without the emergency shut off.

With any of the yellow lines connected by themselves, I still had the problem.

BUT, with the yellow check valve the the two yellow lines were connected to disconnected, everything worked fine (minus the doors of course).

Since the yellow lines held vacuum, is it safe to say it's the yellow check valve that's the issue?

I can suck a little air out of the single ended side, as in if I suck, I'll get a tiny bit of air and it locks.
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