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:surrender::mad:Well, I decided to sell my first Benz, a 2000 S500 with 89K miles after 3 months of ownership and repairs. I basically bought this car with known issues which I managed to repair on my own but the rust made me get rid of it. After taking the car to multiple body shops, none could guarantee the rust removal for more than few weeks. One shop even refused the work and said I would be disappointed when rust comes back. I was hoping I can get at least a 3 year warranty on the rust and fresh paint job. I was told I need to replace the doors and trunk lid for guaranteed rust free work.
My doors were rusting on the bottom as well as the trunk lid. I figured I would buy the car and fix it up including getting a new paint job and clean up the minor rust as I saw it but the rust was much worse than I thought. I was surprised to see how many problems people were having with this car and not just with the 2000 model but even with the 2005's with low miles.

I must say that this car was an amazing ride but I most likely will never buy another Benz again. I know my first Benz was an old car with many miles and I should not expect too much but it should have never rusted this way so fast. I had older Chevy cars that were driven on Chicago's salty roads and they did not rust at all compared to Mercedes.

The Mercedes airmatics is junk and not made for cold environments. I guess the newer models are improved but I still would never trust them.

Anyways, good luck to everyone else who has these cars.
To me it sounds like you bought a POS, couldn't afford to make it right, and are now sour on MB technology because your POS was broken.

My 2005 has zero rust, anywhere, has zero airmatic issues, and runs like a champ.

You picked the wrong way to enter benz ownership, so enjoy your rust free chevys.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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