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2001 S500 Brilliant Silver and Black Leather. 20 inch CLS AMG Rims.
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It seems like alot of people have bought a troublesome s class car recently. I just dont understand how some one would dislike it. It is by far the best car i have ever sat in or driven for that matter. And me being 17 i have drove a good amount of cars for the year of experience i have driving :cool:. The Benz is my favorite car because of its look and performance. I had mines for a month and a half and i never had 1 problem. NOT 1. But if i was to read all these negative posts i would have never purchased one. I have 4 family members with s classes 03 or under and other than regular maintainence they had to do nothing else. May be my car is just blessed but i believe once you are up to date with all the services and upkeep the car will drive like the dream it is.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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