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i have a 2002 C class. I'm looking to buy a set of 19x8.5 wheels in the front and 19x9.5 in the rear within a week. Is this size too wide or big? I know it can be done, but what are the consequences? I'm looking to drop it either 1' or 1.4' How much do you think i will have to shave my fenders if I go this route? Any pics of 1-1.4' drop with 19's would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I value your experienced comments.<p>
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You'll be fine. Just make sure it's ET32 offset front and rear. What wheels are you getting?
DJ If you drop the car 1.4" with 19x8.5 you wont have to roll fenders in the rear on the other hand>

If you go with the 19x9.5 offset35 on a 265/30/19 you will not a have to shave but roll the rear fenders. In my opinion there are no consequences in doing this other than the tech screwing up on the work. When they roll the rear fenders just make sure they have the proper rolling machine. It looks like an arm with a skate board wheel at the end and mounts to the hub of the car. Also make sure the carefully heat the paint so the paint wont chip during the rolling process. If you need further assistance with this I can refer you to one of my authorized dealers across North America who can perform this procedure correctly. <br> <br> Best regards,<br> Joey<br> <p>
Re: DJ If you drop the car 1.4

thanks for the pic!!! btw, is that 19' with a 1.4 drop or a 1' drop...<p>
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