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I own a 2008 ML with built-in navigation (Alpine head). When I purchased the car I was assured that the DVD containing Puerto Rico maps would come out the following year. The promise never materialized.

I have been wrestling with MBUSA ever since to obtain those maps but they refuse, citing technical reasons which I believe is a lot of baloney. I asked Alpine for help but they said it's really MBUSA who calls the shots here.

MBUSA will not help. To be fair though, the North America DVD is in fact full and there really is no more disc space to accomodate the Puerto Rico maps. However, I have asked MBUSA if they would please make available a separate edition for Puerto Rico but they will not do anything at all to help.

I was thinking though, if I can copy the DVD and delete the Hawaii maps and replace them with Puerto Rico maps, maybe I can have my problem solved. (I will not be driving outside Puerto Rico as there are no bridges connecting the Island with anything else.) The Hawaii maps are in a separate folder which might make them easier for deletion.

Let me be clear on this, I am not looking for a free ride. I am willing to pay/purchase the Puerto Rico maps in order to include them in a home-cooked DVD so they will work on my car. Right now I can see the Island on the screen but it shows no roads to navigate on.

Can anyone help? My other alternatives are suing MBUSA, which is going to cost me a bundle, or trade my car in for a ML 2010 model which which does have Puerto Rico maps but will set me back close to $30K.

Is my hacking plan feasible? Does anyone out there have the knowledge or ability to help me do this?
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