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Is anyone breaking up a 2002 upwards V8 MB Car, must be ME2.8 Engine ECU, M113 V8 4.3 , 5.0 or 5.5 doesn't matter ;)

Preferably in UK, but if not I'll consider Carriage / Postage from other parts of the planet.

I need some chopped off wiring, as long as I can get with the correct plugs on to do some R&D work, basically the ECU Plugs that go to the Engine Wiring, 2 to 3 foot wires, and the 2 plugs that go to EIS with as much Wiring attached as you can get ;)

The project involves me making some extension wiring so I can park 2 cars next to one another and start the Engine in one Car from the Ignition Switch and ECU of the other Car :D 👿


🍺 🍺
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