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i need help, my trunk is locked!!!!!!

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Its my fault, i disconnected the battery cable trying to reset a cel but i forgot my trunk key will only go half way in, so i am so out of luck. i can get into the cabin or open the hood. i read a post saying that you can jump the trunk open by connecting a couple of wires. any info will be helpful. thanks..
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well, if you cant get the key into the hole, you could hook another car up to your car in the engine bay to supply power to it. then, you can press the central unlock in your car and then walk around to the back and press the button to open it. it has been discussed recently here on the forum but i dont have the thread saved. do a search.
yes. that was the thread. the positive goes on the wires in the black box and the ground can go on any chassis ground. good luck. let us know how the results turn out.
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