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i need help - Ignition Switch Removal

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i have a 1996 s-320 that i need to remove the ignition.
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i think my ignition my key only turns to the first click so i think my ignition is stuck
yeah it worked for 2 weeks now it only turns so far don't know what to do
thanks whats the mercedes oil that i can put in the ignition. mine will turn but only to the first position
i couldnt find singer oil any other recomendations
i called my local dealer and they said they never heard of cylinder lubricant so i'm gonna go find some singer oil any other advise
i went and bought the mercedes lubricant but still i cant get the ignition to go past the first position.
yeah i think that what i have to do what does the lights on the rear view mirror mean
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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