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R107 1986 300SL Euro
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Hi fellow mad people.
Well, I have just gone and bought myself a second SL. I have had a 300SL Euro for a year now and love it so much have had to buy a 280SL US spec.
If I buy a third my spouse has threatened to phone the Betty Ford clinic and have me committed. And sell the mercs to pay for it!
I think therefore I might stop at 2.
Or maybe 3 if I can rent garage space and Grumpy Mamma doesn't find out.
It's arrived from California, there's a Joan Armatrading song in there somewhere, and I have a problem. The shipper, which is nice of him, has bashed the front bumper. It's also missing a piece of rubber trim and the license plate holder which by UK law it has to have to display reg No both front & back.

See below:

Does anyone know WHERE in the UK I might be able to source either a reclaimed/salvaged US spec 5mph front bumper with all the trimmings, I'm not exactly hopeful here, or anyone in the US know where I can purchase a reasonably priced new/2nd hand one where the parts shop will ship it to me in the UK?

Any help gratefully received.

Cheers guys,



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