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I must say goodbye to me W124

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After buying the most beautiful car I know I have decided to buy a house (and stop paying €120 a month for rent), which means that part of the €28,000 will be paid by selling my W124. [V]

Being only 23 and having a W124 as my first car was a blessing I will not forget, but I believe that I can buy a W124 again once I have finished paying for the house.
I have enjoyed every minute I have spent with it the last 6 months. I bought it with money inherited by my grandfather which makes me even more attached.

It is going for €4,250

I am optimistic about having a W124 again (hopefully a 300D), and my dream cars a G class CDi cabriolet and a Series III 88 Hardtop 300TDi Land Rover...

See ya around fellas...
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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