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My E320 is magnificent.

dgtlmn wrote 500E pretty much blows most cars outta the water. whether it be from a stop, or starting from high-end speeds. porsche really knew what they were doing with this one! i absolutely love the car. the drive is so nice and the power...let's just say...hell ya!

Ken wrote
That E500 must be awesome. There was one for sale at a Dealer in Naples Florida, I live in Pennsylvania, and I think my wife would have actually let me drive down and trade in my E320. She tells me that if she knew how happy I was going to be with this car, she would have let me get it a long time ago. That is the thing, I am so happy with this beautiful, wonderful, exquisite, automobile that it would be hard to trade it even on the amazing E500. It sounded like a cream puff. A 1994 with 37K for about 37K. I think it was the great brilliant silver color with a black interior. It might as well be brand new. Amazing! I really do love my Azure Blue 1995 E320 SE. It is so sweet with the special color, some of the little extras of the SE, and the last year they made the W124. I am truly in love with my car. I am doing some little modifications to obtain the even more sporty ride of a true "European Sport Sedan", but I am trying to do everything right. I didn’t go for the OE "sportline" modifications. I went Eibach, Bilstein, and AMG +1 wheels. Now I am chasing after swaybars. Oh, did I tell you that I love my car and that it is simply beautiful? I think I should go. I think I should go for a ride. I just need to remember that I shouldn’t go over 100 mph down these little backcountry roads too often. Sooner or later I guess I will meet someone that I wasn’t expecting and then I won’t be able to drive this marvelous machine any more. I am on my way for some kind of take-out dinner. My wife doesn’t usually cook on Friday night, so I get to drive my car to find some exotic tastes. Hey, did I tell you that I love my car and that it is simply beautiful? What CD should I choose?

Ken came back
Wow! It was awesome again. I have so many memories of driving my other cars and cruising all over the place. This car is the best ever! I did "smoke", "toast", "blow away" some other teens in their cars, but it really was no contest from 0 to 30mph, or 0 to 60mph, or 0 to 100mph, or 0 to 120mph. As I said, this E320 s an absolutely magnificent machine. I couldn’t help but throw in some crazy surges with this wonderful automobile. That E500 must be a beast. I almost can’t imagine that it is really that much faster than my wonderful little car. Could the extra weight mess it up, so that my car is really superior if we aren’t going in a straight line? My car is quick, fast, nimble, supple and much, much, much more. I went to get some really good Indian food. The food is hot and very tasty. I listened to my wife’s Celine Dione CD. I love female vocals. From what I heard, Celine really isn’t just a POP star. She can really let it rip. Hey, she is like my E320.

I just had to tell you all how great it is to drive my car. I better go taste that great Indian food that I purchased. No, I think I want to drive across the Rocky Mountains and to the California coast just for a wonderful ride from the East Coast. The last time I went I was driving a wonderful little VW Golf with my bicycles and my camping equipment. I stayed in 10 different National Parks. The stuff would all fit in the Benz. I have a Great Bicycle/Ski rack that fits in an almost unnoticeable receiver hitch. I would love to chase the sun some night and just drive and drive and drive.
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