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she's in mint condition, why would i wanna destroy her....[:0][?]

obviously she's to be my daily driver, as its recently apparently (according to uncle) had 6k dollars put in her......for various crap that he cant seem to name...

the AC is converted, and works great!

and its problem, after i talked more with him, is apparently the ECU? or some unit that has to do with the fuel injection, and an O2 sensor....

either way, in my hands, shes as good as fixed...[8D]

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no thats his car......he had an NSX.....a truck rearended it at 30

it was cut in half, new "tub" welded in, and pieced back together....

it was all messed up still, according to the dealer, so he got that new car in trade for it...

the truckers getting SUED!

i have nice pics of the car from this morning, but with all this "no pics working" stuff everywhere, im gonna wait to see what happenns.....
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