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Re: GPS read this it will save you thousands$$$$$

If you want someone to install a GPS on your w140 you will not find one under 5,000 installed. I recommend that you buy a Garmin GPS that is hand held about the size of a palm pilot. It has a color screen and not only can be mounted on your dash but you can carry it with you while hiking boating etc. On the car GPS you need to buy a CD for almost every city and the CD's are always over $100ea. The Garmin/hand held GPS have the entire North America installed and are not only more easy to use but have better detail and have more features. The Garmin GPS costs between 300-1400. you can get a really good one for around 500. this way you can keep your car stock and save a lot.
-hope this helps -Kristian
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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