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I hope this is better than my 2005 ML500

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I really like my 2006 ML500. I purchased the new ML at the end of Feb. and had thought that it was the best Mercedes I had ever owned. However, 3000+ miles and the problems are starting. Brake for a light and let off the brake before you come to a complete stop and the downshift feels like someone has rearended the ML. Dealer here has ordered a new modulator body. I'm 1300 mi from my selling dealer and use the dealer here in FL. My experience with the dealer has been good over the years. Oil on the garage from the left rear shock absorber. This is a key part of the airmatic suspension system. Also on order. My 2005 was in the shop 16 times in 18 mos. Hope I'm not starting down the same road with this ML. Also hope the performance of the airmatic system improves with the shock change. Right now I could not brag about the ride with airmatic being better than with the standard suspension. Sorry for the rant, but I was hoping for a better ownership experience quality wise. Right now I would say that Mercedes is not demanding the quality from it's suppliers that it's customers are expecting of them. Hope I'm proven wrong with time.
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