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I know this isn't quite the correct forum to talk about this problem, but I post it here because a guy we know has exactly the same problem with his C270 CDI. I hope many of you will read and some of you will be able to answer...

our W210 E320CDI gives 470NMs of good usable torque, very good together with the 5speed autobox.
Only shitty thing: when it goes into emergency-running-mode, it just won't go over 3000rpm, no mather how hard you RAM the pedal in the carpet! So, you will say, good opertunity to see what that kind of torque is worth! NO WAY! Says the enginemanagement. If you floor it from zero, it pulls okey in the first two gears, shifting at about 2800/3000 rpm, but from then on it in one word SLOW, no even in two words: VERY SLOW! My dad says that when it is in, the engine seems to have rather NOT ENOUGH torque to operate the gearbox properly. This is defenitly not the case when it runs as normal.(duuuh!).
There is also a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust when in, so my dad thinks this is due to a shortcoming of air (oxygen) and to much fuel coming into the engine.

Maybe the management thinks there is something wrong with the turbo and 'shuts it off'???

This is a very difficult case, but especially very irritating AND very dangerous. the car doesn't go into the when it's standing still (e.g. trafficlights) but goes into it when your accelerating smoothly away. It suddenly jumps into it in lets say third gear, and my dad says you can easily feel that moment. This is dangerous because, you're in a car that has 200BHP, wich is quite some potentional power, and you have to move quickly (or you're less stressed of the situation because you have time and power enough to evoid or whatever something), but you stamp on the gaspedal and it goes of very slowly(or surely to slow). This can cause problems!

I don't think the turbo is broken, because in that case there would be no reason why the engine limits itself to 3000 rpm and takes away so much of the low-down torque. Or maybe it is broke? and the computer detects it, and that puts the engine in safety-mode.
But then, the car couldn't drive normal, because when the turbo is out, it stays out.
pfffffff, I don't know man...

one more thing: When the gearbox is in 5th (D), it jumps rather fast into the safety-mode, but when you put it in 4th (with the tiptronic system), it doesn't go in it very easily. Also: when you drive normally (that's lets say shifting at about 2500/2750/3000) and the car senses that you don't wont to drive fast and sporty, it goes in it quickly. When you let the car know you wont to drive very fast (going all the way down with your foot and going to 4500/5000) it doesn't go in it so easily.

so, I really don't know how I can make myself any more clear. I said everything I know. We are desperate!

still hope someone can help.


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