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I have the chance to do 3 dyno runs for $50 on my m103

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1991 300e m103.983

What should I change? I'm going to do one as it is now, one where I seafoam and run a can of intake cleaner through my 340k mile motor, and I'll probably put in a higher value resistor to advance the Timing. Any other ideas?
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Congrats on the 340k miles.
You can do as you like.
Your ride, your choice.
No need to ask members for permission.

However, if you really believe the combo of seafoam is going to make the difference and/or along with, changing the R16 resistor....

And this one is a 20yo thread too.

Not much else in m103 m104 power upgrades, unless you add another few 00s to the 50 you have.
But then, for that kind of money, you can get yourself a nice replacement MB, latter model and fast(er).
Better $ spent gathering a few acorns for this ride, imo.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts