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I have a rattle.

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Just started a couple of days ago. when standing at the hatch on my 99 e320 4 matic wagon with it idling I can hear a rattle coming from the exhast system. It doesn't seem s though it is a loose exhaust bracket but I could be wrong. when I push on the exaust it doesnt seem to do anything and it is not a continious rattle. Could this be a cat. coverter? Thanks in advance. :bowdown:

btw it has just turned 75kmiles
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very close to running out of time if it already not past time.Call the dealer give them your vin or go in and ask.It is not money out of their pocket so since they make money from the parent company some members have squeeked by with over 8 years and over 80 k miles,worth a try and no harm asking.
If past you can splice in universal cats that do the job from and others.

that the diy I gave a member a few months ago?Read pre cat and post cat temps after the car is brought to temp and measure with a non contact infrared.
Or you can get under it safely supported or on a lift and give it the thump test(car cold)with the palm of your hand.
try to act naive at the dealer see what they come up with.
Eventually if it is a cat and not a loose bracket,it will cause misfires and poor running and other codes.
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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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