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I have a rattle.

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Just started a couple of days ago. when standing at the hatch on my 99 e320 4 matic wagon with it idling I can hear a rattle coming from the exhast system. It doesn't seem s though it is a loose exhaust bracket but I could be wrong. when I push on the exaust it doesnt seem to do anything and it is not a continious rattle. Could this be a cat. coverter? Thanks in advance. :bowdown:

btw it has just turned 75kmiles
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Yes it might be a catalytic converter. Does it sound like there are marbles ratting around against metal in that area? There is a 8 year 80,000 factory warranty on those so you might be just in time.
Is that honored at any dealership? I am the 2nd owner and did not purchase it from a mb dealer. I have an idy mech. and have never had it to the local dealer here.
Yes, any dealer should honor that and you don't have to be the original owner. You obviously beat the 80,000 miles; now check to see how many years your car has been in service (start from original date of purchase). If it's less than 8 years you're in luck!
april 9th 1999 the vehicle was registered as a personal vehicle in Illinois. sounds like I will be reading the post on changing converters soon. But I will probably wait untill it fails completely. Any harm in doing that?
Like Ohlord said, ask the dealer anyway even though you are over the years "limit". If you were over on the mileage too, that might be different. I think you can only harm other parts of your engine if it is completely plugged up. I think you are only causing a little more pollution by driving it in that condition, but wait for Ohlord's answer to that.
Sorry, I just looked and didn't see that.
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