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I have a rattle.

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Just started a couple of days ago. when standing at the hatch on my 99 e320 4 matic wagon with it idling I can hear a rattle coming from the exhast system. It doesn't seem s though it is a loose exhaust bracket but I could be wrong. when I push on the exaust it doesnt seem to do anything and it is not a continious rattle. Could this be a cat. coverter? Thanks in advance. :bowdown:

btw it has just turned 75kmiles
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Yes it might be a catalytic converter. Does it sound like there are marbles ratting around against metal in that area? There is a 8 year 80,000 factory warranty on those so you might be just in time.
Is that honored at any dealership? I am the 2nd owner and did not purchase it from a mb dealer. I have an idy mech. and have never had it to the local dealer here.
Thanks !!
april 9th 1999 the vehicle was registered as a personal vehicle in Illinois. sounds like I will be reading the post on changing converters soon. But I will probably wait untill it fails completely. Any harm in doing that?
Thanks for the help guys I really do appreciate it. will the temp readings used in the cat diy sticky work if the cat is not plugged yet?
that the diy I gave a member a few months ago?Read pre cat and post cat temps after the car is brought to temp and measure with a non contact infrared.
Or you can get under it safely supported or on a lift and give it the thump test(car cold)with the palm of your hand.
try to act naive at the dealer see what they come up with.
Eventually if it is a cat and not a loose bracket,it will cause misfires and poor running and other codes.

Thats the one. I was wondering if that will work if it is not yet blocked. In that one he was checking temp to verify which cat was blocked. I havent bought a infared temp gauge yet. I also noticed that the car usually makes the noice when it is still cold and not yet up to operating temp. I am going to try to get her up on wheel stands tonight and get a good look at her rear end and see if I can see anything. Oh and if I have time I might work on the car too.:D YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::bowdown: THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING AND I WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED.:D
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