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I have a question about a conv. for sale

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Hi, I am sorry if this question is not relavent, but i cannot find any other place to put it. But i have a friend that knows someone selling a 1988 Mercedes Benz convertable. Is there such thing as a convertable benz back in 1988? If so, does anyone know what the model is? The car for sale has barely been driven since it has 15,000 miles on it. It is selling for 10-12 thousand. I am not sure if the guy has his facts right because it sound really good, but is there any models with convt. in 1988? and if so, is that a good deal? Thank you
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There were a couple of Benz drop tops made that year.. Perhaps the rarest of them (stock of course) is the's a 300ce with a convertible top. It usually fetches between 18-25k. however; the mint condition ones with low milage will get much more $$. The other car produced was the 560 SL...i'm not sure on the $$ of that car.<br> Something sounds VERY fishy about this deal you are talking about. For any MBZ, of ANY model and ANY year, 10-12k for a car with 15k original miles is a very good deal. Are these miles after a re-build? If he doesn't know the model of his car....then something is off, right?<br> Good luck, <br> tony
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