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I have a 1998 C43 and have been wondering about the behavior of transmission shifting on m...

I have a 1998 C43 and have been wondering about the behavior of transmission shifting on my car. On Sport mode and by just pressing the pedal to the metal from full stop, the RPM would reach almost rev limit and hold for approximately 4-5 seconds and then all of the sudden it would shift up abruptly. Sometimes when taking over another car, my car would just hesitate and just reach rev limit until I let go on the pedal and press again. This is really dangerous since I would expect that the car with this much power would have no problems with speeding up. After reviewing pretty much all postings from this website and at, it seems like these are common problems with MB cars. Correct me if I'm wrong. If I'm correct, I think MB is hiding a flaw in design of its transmission programming. Some people have said to get the tranny software reuploaded to fix the problem, but when I contacted 2 dealers in Southern California (Fletcher-Jones in Newport Beach and Penske in West Covina), no one knows about reuploading transmission software or they are really hiding a major quality issue with these cars. I'm an engineer and I know that no system is perfect, but MB should inform customers of how to fix these problems.

As far as I'm concern, MB should fix these problems because it is a safety issue with the lag. They should forget about the adaptive transmission model. I bought my AMG for the performance and speed.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I feel a little better that I'm not the only one experiencing these problems. I'm posting this also on,, and amg website.
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