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I hate to say it, but I like this....

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The first CL to be worthy of passing the baton on from the C140....


I like it....

or maybe you prefer this...?

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All wise words, although when I test drove an 03 cl500 it was still tempting, but nowhere near the soul of the 140 or the 126....

So,.... +1
Television - that makes a lot of sense...! & I'm especially envious that you can get a 420 back in blighty.... but then again gas at $400+ per (!) gallon over there must make driving a bit irritating!

tlampre - 1600km in a weekend - :eek: Wow - lucky you!
In the UK you'd need a mortgage to do that, unless you convert to LPG. Let's do the math... that's about 1,000 miles, say at 20mpg (to be generous) = 50 gallons, with London petrol prices for premium at say, 1.40 GBP per litre (?) - that's about 6.50 GBP per gallon, about $10 - 11 USD per gallon.

So one weekend of 1600km in UK would cost, just in gas, approx - $500 - 550 USD.... :surrender: Or did I do the math wrong - likely! :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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