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I got the audio 10 CD player.... now how do I install it?

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After doing alot of reading, it became clear that the European Audio 10 head unit is compatable with the command. SO I got one from Ebay. Now I have no iea how to gain access to install the new head unit.<br> <br> Any one taken their c230 apart and know how? Thanks.<br> <br> -Craig
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I just bought one and watched the guy install it. He didn't have any instructions, but I think you really need some. It's hard to describe because there are so many little clips that operate in various ways. If you have broadband I can e-mail you the photos that pretty much take you thru it. There are 25 or 30 photos but they are worth it. After you see them, I may be able to answer your questions.
I found this website:<br><br> <br> Gives step by step instructions and pictures describing how to remove the stereo. They really helped, because in no time at all I was able to install it. <br> <br> Check out these pictures:<br>
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