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1996 S500 Limo - Sold
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I was late to get back to Norfolk and had to push it a bit.....shes no sports car, but she can shift. I was a little disappointed with the pick up on country lanes, but when you realise how much metal has to shift and how smooth the gear changes are I realised Im being unfair. I had such a good time and the V8 makes such a lovely noise I was actually laughing out loud.

I've had it a week and 1000 miles and nothings dropped off yet:)

The only electrics that seem dodgy is the rear mirror...I cant seem to adjust the sensitivity and the air pressure lumbar support doesnt seem to do anything.

I will find a specialist in Norfolk and get the timing chains and g/box fluids and filters replaced.

I will have to spend maybe a grand on paint as being a London car, she needs help in places - in particular the edge on the bonnet under the front grill has the beginnings of rust.

The interior still smells like new, and I was suprised to find the doors had close assist coz I thought this was deleted to save money.

I've got her now I'm going to sort her out to tip-top condition.

Does anyone have any 'must do' jobs for a used W140?

Thanks for you help.


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