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I have the BT for the Phone, and what I Can tell you cant stream Audio (pandora, Iheart, Ipod Playlist), so I am looking to go to MB for a ipod integration and use a old Ipod as my Source. Here is my other question. If I get the Ipod adapter in the glove box *AND THIS IS MY QUESTION* is there a adapter for Blutooth that would hook into the glove box and then I can stream my Iphone via the IPOD jack via BT? I have no clue if this exists...but wondering if it does?

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There have been several posts in the forum in the past few months about A2DP adapters being connected to the iPod integration. Some worked, some did not. I don't have the posts bookmarked, but the search tool should find them for you.

You would be able to play the music from your iPhone, but I do not believe it will handle cell phone features.
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