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i just got my car back i did it haha renntech BABY!!! dynoed 680 horse 850 torque it got more then what renntech claimed!!!

DAMN!!! tested 1/4 mileis 11 sec flat and 0-60 in 3 sec that is ENZO TIMING!!! NOW ITS REALLY A DEMON!!!

i post pictures once i got my wide body done i hired a guy from germany to do the wide body kit rear fenders and front so i can fit 20 by 11 rear and 20 by 10 from haha!!
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ermmm mb replacing? cl69? no no haha

mb replacing the 55s with 63s it be a big block v8 6.3 litre naturally aspirated engine and the 65 will be discontinued only 500 will be made in the US and thats it no more according to south bay mercedes benz charlie alfano the manage there.

yeah brabus is coming out with bigger turbos so i think i would get rid of my renntech software and shit and put brabus into my car so that be the shit HEH.

i had a cl600 and i got rid of it..... not to my expectations but ya know the smoothness and lux comfort BEST OF THE BEST! just the sounding and exciting is to little but its a good car =)
Hey dude the wide body guy i am getting him all the way from germany.

so imma have to fly him over to LA and all that stuff so its gonna cost a bomb but ( air miles would pay for the ticket fly him first class ) pretty sure he help me with my wide body cheaper =)

if you need help with body kits everything just ask me i have done alot of upgrades for my cars. where are you located? CA area if yeah when he gets into LA i'll hook ya up with him. he is best of the best guy he makes the fenders look like from MB factory i seen his work! YUMMY i would say no plasters or mouldings or anything it would look exact factory but with beefed up fenders and custom looking!
AHHH! I SEE KOOL! he wants like 14 000 for my rear fenders and front ... it will look good once its done i will post here he says about 4-8 weeks ~!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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