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i cant back up anymore!!

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bad news guys, this morning i got out of my garage fine but i went to pick up my friend as i tried to parallel park in front of his house i shift to R and ease off easily and give it a little of gas then a snap!! cant reverse, it only revs the engine. but i can drive just can not reverse. my mechanic says its the transmission. there goes my money.
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That hurts me just hearing your story. How much did he quote you to fix? can you get more then one estimate? Maybe its a cheap fix and wont be as much as you expect.I have a a 3 second delay after putting it in reverse, scares me!
see what i wrote..
Mine did it a few weeks back -- common problem when the tranny starts aging. Had an indy fix the reverse problem and while the tranny was apart, rebuilt it for $2K. Car's running great!
hey bass i had that 3 sec delay when i bought it back in october of 2004 but since then i didnt get a chance to do a transmission flush until this happen my mechanic says that i should of maintain it since then because we dont know if the old owner did anything to the trans. but i will get it rebuilt this weekend and i will post the result of the bill and possible some pictures dont count on the pics tho.
Thanks LBC, I had this benz since last august or so, but the previous owner had this delay for 4 years ( since he purchased it). He did a tran flush and filter change and the problem remained. Iam going to see a good trany specialist within the next week, I will also post a price on what he quotes me to fix the delay and/or for a full rebuilt. I probably will only get estimates and not fix it yet, unless its something cost effective for my budget. This delay is been around with this car for 5 years and maybe even more.

Does anyone recommend AAMCO? Its a big franchise and their work is guaranteed, any thoughts?
hey bass are you around so cal if you are i can recommend you my guy he is a transmission specialist
Iam in North Jersey, I just called my tranny guy a very reputable one, and he said it was normal on benz to have some sort of a delay in reverse. Then I called Ray Catena (dealer) and one of their parts guys that I know said it shouldnt be a 3 second delay but there is a smaller delay.
i got my car back and it is now working perfect. the total cost came out to be $1500 now i gotta work on the other stuff. :D
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