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hypoid is contaminated by grease

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Every time I change the hypoid gear oil from the front differential, I found that the hypoid is contaminated by grease, I guess that grease is from swivel housing. My question is: That problem should be solved at once or it can be delayed for more convenient time?
230GE 85
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Hi Dave,

You seems pretty sure that my front axle have the seals out by the knuckles. But just to be realy sure, my front axle is 730300 17 047025 is it the new one?
VIN: WDB46023817042508
I am not in a hurry. So I can wait.
Many thanks,
Ok, thanks.
Now I don’t have the space to do it alone so I must go to a repair shop.
Will a Land Rover trained mechanic encounter any difficulty to do this job?
Should I change anything else, like CV-joint?
And finally there is some corrosion on the part that you can see on figure. What can I do about it? Is there any treatment?
Again many thanks,


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wheel bearings

I have read the post on wheel bearings. I am a bit worried about asking a LR mechanic to do that job if the wheel bearings are ok. Is LR wheel bearings service alike?
Ok. I want to thanks Dave and Dai for there advices.
Thank you.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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