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hydraulic steering wheel w123

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Hello I was wondering I have a 1977 w123 ( 200) and I want to know if I could put a hydraulic steering wheel on it because it is very hard to park, and it's my every day car, and if it's possible can you take me what parts do I need
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The parts you need are

1) Powered steering pump with a Pitman arm that matches an idler arm (I think your manual steering system will probably have a different Pitman and idler arm combination)
2) Power steering pump
3) Mounting bracket for the side of your engine that holds the steering pump
4) Return fluid hose
5) Pressure hose
6) Possibly a different set of pulleys so the alignment between steering pump + water pump + crank pulley + alternator is correct
7) Possibly a different steering coupler between steering column and steering box
8) Three new bolts to hold the steering box to the chassis
9) Possibly a new middle track rod link with a connection for a steering damper (just in case this isn't already there!)

If all of this comes together - and you manage to get it all fitted - I'd expect you to have to get the front end aligned correctly because the castor angle is likely to be different for a system with power steering.

The FSM makes one heck of a lot of fuss about the Pitman arms being correct - so pay attention to that...
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Wow that are allot of parts do you know how much would I spend buying all of that ?
No not where you are.

Second hand parts in Holland - rough guess

Idler arm - 20 euros
Steering pump - from 50 euros
Steering box - from about 60 euros
Pulleys - be about 10-20 euros each
Steering pump mount - say 30 euros

New pressure pipe (no point in buying second hand) was about 150 euros at the dealer last time I looked! You can buy them new from other places for a lot less though.

Return pressure pipe was about 30 euros a meter from the dealer last time I looked

Steering damper - not cheap at the moment!

Centre link if necessary also quite a bit...

...essentially here in Holland for less money than individual prices for all of those bits I could probably buy a whole second hand non running vehicle.
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Good idea I mange to find a w123 1982 that has the partes you told me so you think the will fit my 1977w123? And also I want to instal the A/C system of the 82 on my car do you know if I can do that ?
I've never worked on an AC system before but I can see no reason why you can't remove anything from one car and fit it onto the other - whether the parts are good or not is another matter.

To be environmentally friendly you should ideally get someone to remove the AC gas before you start work.

Any other parts you remove from the donor car could be used as spares for yourself or with a bit of wheeling and dealing might be sold on to help you re-gain some cash. Be aware though that selling parts is often a pain in the backside...
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