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Hello everyone - afraid im flooding the boards with this, as I have uploaded videos on a range of Benzs - :)

:bowdown: Brabus, AMG, Lorinser, ART, Carlsson etc.... the Brabus Rocket, the CARLSSON AIGNER CK65 RS "Eau Rouge" blah blah blah..... eye candy for Benz lovers everywhere... :cool:

Ive imbedded them here for your convenience, should you be interested :thumbsup:

Cheers and have a nice week!

Sorry the DVD was free with a Benz mag I bought a year or so ago, and thought I should share the contents with other Benz lovers. Regrettably, it was a Japanese DVD, so the language can be Japanese, German or English and always Japanese subtitles - but regardless of language, great cars look awesome anywhere in the world.:thumbsup:
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