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Howto for grill 1997 C-280

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I need a bit of help on how to secure the driver side grill piece, the inboard side attachment is broken. This is the small ~8" widex3" high plastic grill next to the opening at the bottom of the bumper. I'd like to secure it before it falls off especially when a new one probably costs $1,000. :D
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Not sure I fully understood your situation but if you mean the original attachment point is broken and if it used a screw you can try using a slightly larger diameter screw if the old one has stripped out. If you need a quick fix try an epoxy that you mix both parts and attach that way. I doubt the insert is terribly expensive at the dealer so may be worth at least asking for a quote, sometimes (rarely) you get surprised. Good luck or take a shot from below with a flashlight if I'm way off base and maybe we can better assist.
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