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how to swap/change grille

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So my OEM S600 grille is finally arriving today (f*cking Postal Service...)...

Haven't been able to find anywhere the actual procedure for changing out the grille. One old thread had expired NLA photobucket photos.

Have I missed a thread on this?

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NVM鈥攕uper easy and intuitive. Perhaps the only thing 馃槀
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Where did you get your grill from? I had bought one of the phony-600 grills from AutohausAZ because on my S320 was falling apart, and that time I did not know the 600's had a distinctive grill, but that was what they sent me, and it was very well made. I wanted to get another one like five years ago and they no longer carry them.

I'm just curious.. where you got yours...

I commented on a post in one of the fascinating W140 Facebook groups and someone direct messaged me with one to offer. I made an offer and he took it. Albeit a bit sketchy (multiple delays on ship date, and used a PayPal account not in the sender's name) but lo and behold he came through and I was provided with a legitimate tracking number.

It shipped Aug 4th via USPS and I received it on Aug 20th. It took 7 days for it to get from rural Ohio to Cincinnati alone. They are absolutely destroying the postal service :( but I have to say the seller did an exceptional job packing it--not pretty, but incredibly well protected. I kept the packaging if I end up needing to ship my S420 grille.
ALSO: to anyone who makes this swap, ensure you route the hood release latch UNDER the bar of the grille along the dedicated plastic groove.

I did not pay attention to this on installation and the release latch actually got perfectly lodged into the gap in the plastic on the back side of the grille. Ended up having to crack the underside a bit to dislodge it, but you can only see it on close inspection.
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