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Hi guys,

I just thought I put up a message about my experience with maintaining the car exterior. I am in no way connected to any of the companies listed below - except as a grateful customer.

Listed below are a few items I have been using over time to maintain the paintwork on my cars.

Firstly, car wash, wax and applicators - I use Maguiars. I think most of us out there have our favourite items already picked. But, what seals the deal for me is a good paint cleaner and polish.

POLISH: Zaino Bros' Show Car Polish Lok: Pre-cleaner and Gloss Conditioner. It's magic stuff! After washing the car, you use a soft cotton cloth to apply (follow instructions). It cleans and polishes the paint really well. (An American company)

PAINT CLEANER: I use Meguiar's Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner (depending on how bad the layer of dirt? It's AMAZING! Wash the car first, then use the paint cleaner, and then polish off with their Microwipe polishing cloth (blue coloured cloth in Australia). I prefer to use Maguiars Cleaner because it isn't harsh or abrasive on the paintwork (doesn't cut back the paintwork like most other cleaners/polishes out there).

I use Maguiars cleaner first and then use the Zaino Bros' polish. It's good to use the Maguiars Paint Cleaner once a year or so to get rid of the layer of dirt which accumulates. After that the polish can be used a couple of times during the year, or as needed.

I have a white car, so every time you touch something inside the engine bay and then touch the hood to close it, dirty finger print marks end up on the hood. Most times, these marks don't wash off at all - no matter how much soap you put on it (especially if the car has thin layer of dirt accumulated over the years). So, a paint cleaner is the way to go.

I hope this information helps...

Take care...

Perth, Australia.
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