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How to remove Side Skirts/Rocker Panel/Apron?...

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Hi there gentle folks!

Anyone know how to remove and replace the Side Skirts/Rocker Panel/Apron?

I have searched, and can only find information for the bumpers. Any PDFs?

Much appreciated!
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removing sheet metal body parts?

If I take your question literally (referring to rocker panels and aprons), then you are trying to rebuild a crash victim. Probably, you are asking how to remove the rocker molding (aka side skirt), though, which is the plastic cover outside the rocker panels. Please clarify.

Here is digressing a little:

The metal rocker panels and aprons are structural parts, which form part of the frame. Is that what you are trying to remove and replace? I have removed a few aprons, A-pillars and rocker panels for people who needed them to fix up their crashed cars. The front apron runs about $4k from the dealer (!)...

It takes many hours with some good sheet metal/body drills to drill out all the spot welds and carefully separate the parts. It can be done, and I still have several front aprons, A-pillars, and rocker panels available. They come out in the condition that MB sells them, outside of having holes where the spot welds used to be. Your body shop will weld them back in those places. The frame needs to be aligned after welding in structural parts, independent of whether they are new or used.

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Hi there and thanks for the detailed feedback! I actually lost hope someone would respond to my question :D.

Yes, I was asking how to remove the rocker molding (aka side skirt), which is the plastic cover outside the rocker panels. Spouse ran a speed bump and cracked the driver's side. I got one from a junked car, same color and everything but the dealer is reluctant to do it. I get the usual run around, "Oh sorry we don't accept customer parts due to warranty issues", "You have to make an appointment for next month", "We would need to refinish the skirt after installation", "blah blah blah....." It's probably not worth their time.

So I say to myself, "Heck I've learned A LOT from this forum !" I was empowered by this forum to install my V60 phone system, installed the voice control system, do oil change, change brakes, did spark plugs at 70,000 miles this past December, changed out a cracked fog light, replaced trashed wheel well lining. I know I can handle this!

Thankfully someone at mbwor ld.o rg was gracious enough to respond and sent me a pdf, which I would share here below and in the R230 pdf depository.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback on the aprons and pillars. Who knows, I may need that too someday :).


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