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How to remove fuel level sender??

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Hi, my e430 fuel level sender is weird, it keeps fluctuating around, the gas always shows a little lower than there actually is in the tank and to make it show the correct level, I have to go in the back seat and start jumping around so it goes back up, as soon as I stop doing that, it will start fluctuating again. Is it faulty or does it just need cleaning? Pls tell me on how to remove it without any special tool! Thanks.
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You will need "Some" type of Pin-Wrench. Plus, you will need to Torque the Level Sensor upon Re-Install...

Here is a cheap-o Fleabay version: On Sale Fuel Tank Lid Wrench Tool for Mercedes W210 | eBay
Sorry... Mea Culpa....

I was mixing up the W210 and my W140... t

The W210 does NOT require a specific Torque value on Re-Install.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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