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How to remove fuel level sender??

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Hi, my e430 fuel level sender is weird, it keeps fluctuating around, the gas always shows a little lower than there actually is in the tank and to make it show the correct level, I have to go in the back seat and start jumping around so it goes back up, as soon as I stop doing that, it will start fluctuating again. Is it faulty or does it just need cleaning? Pls tell me on how to remove it without any special tool! Thanks.
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is there any way i could reach it by removing the back seat?? I don't want to make any special tools for it. I just want to remove it with a standard tool. Is it really tight to remove by hand?
Okay thanks sir. It is getting annoying now, the more fuel I have in the tank, the more it will go down.
post #3 in above link gives directions on removing fuel level sender, the only way to reach is through trunk and not from back seat. no need for the special tool, large channel lock pliers work just fine. just make sure to align the 2 holes at 12 and 6 o'clock as mentioned in the link from post 2.
before buying new sender, check out the old one for signs of corrosion at metallic parts. might find slight corrosion from ethanol in gas, and that can cause erratic readings. but you will need to get it out of the gas tank first to look at it. good luck.
Okay thanks mate. I will try to remove it later and clean it.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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