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How to remove front seats

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How to remove front seats ?

I'm preparing for removing seats in order to install the heated pad inside of front leather seats.
Before doing it, I have to remove seats without any malfuction and SRS message.

I will trying to remove the trunk battery first and then hood battery.
Is it OK?

Please tell me any tips for leather seat disassembly and battery remove.

Thanks in advance

03 e320/no heated seats.
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Got it. Thank you for your comments.
So your seats don't have the heating elements already?? Interesting. Many cars have like 4 bolts that need to come out to remove the seats. It should come out easily if you move the seat into the right position. On the disassembly of the seat.. If the front seats are like the rear seat was like in my car, you will have to remove the plastic seat anchors and I would imagine it would be like 20 per seat. They are designed to keep the metal rails for the creases in the seat in place. A flat blade screwdriver can make easy work out of the maze of plastic I shaped seat anchors but it is definitely time consuming..

I had to replace the foam as it became wet and moldy smelling from a leak in the trunk..

Good luck but everything should go into place relatively easily (assuming the heaters were designed for your seat)..
Thanks a lot!

My car doesn't have heated seats because it was an option at california.
I tried to break down the front seat, but failed due to waist support rotator. Please let me know how to resolve this rotator?
I had a bad experience of SRS malfuction message when I detached main battery only without front aux. battery out.
So I detached all battery and then remove the front seat. No problems happend in this time as a matter of course.

But,,,I gave up front seat due to waist support rotator and then move to rear seat.

It was very easy for me. Blue colored plastic anchors were easily removed by flat screw driver. I'll try the front seats again after getting more information.


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Front Seats are easy to remove Unbolt the torx bolts that secure the seats Unplug the connectors under the seat and remove the seat belt anchor at the side of each seat
No Need to remove the battery terminals Just make sure the key is OFF and you will not get a SRS code...Adding heat pads take a bit of work to remove the seat back from the seat bottom them remove the seat covers. All the Info is on WIS

I added the heat pads then upgraded to a set of Heated/Multicontour/Ventilated/Massage/Drive Dynamic front seats...That was NOT a Simple install!
Thank you fro your comments.

Unfortunately, I don't have a WIS. So I only rely on this forum.
I got a SRS code last time, so I detached all battery this time.
Adding heat pads was a really tough experience.

I have installed the following products to rear seat which was OEM products for Hyundai car in Korea.


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None of my business but have you looked into the cost of getting the OEM system?? I would imagine it would be expensive but you may be able to source the system from a wrecked car. Even if the seat does not heat I would have to imagine that the wiring would all be present and you might only need the OEM pads and the control switch..

Just a thought.
Thanks for your comments.

However, my car doesn't have any wiring , switchs and system for heated seats. So I cannot apply the OEM pads.

The Korean car's OEM pad set for 1 pairs was only $45 in Korea.
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