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How to remove DAS Module 2001. SL500

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Anyone have a picture of the DAS module? I understand it is located behind the instrument cluster. I need to remove it so my locksmith can solder his programmer to it to add new keys to the system.

I may not have described that procedure correctly but I do need to take out the DAS module to get a new key made for the car. Any pictures would be hugely appreciated. I know how to take out the cluster, done it five times now and lubed it so it comes out easy.

Edit: here is a great link I found on this forum that really explains in an easy to follow manner just how the DAS system works. This should be a sticky!

So if I read the above correctly, if I get a non-dealer key made for a car with DAS 2, I cannot get a key from the dealer thereafter, because the factory database will not know the new key is there and send me a key for a slot that is already occupied. Unless the aftermarket key is put in slot 8, and there are open slots below that. Then you could still have your aftermarket key in slot 8, and if you oredered one from the dealer it would get programmed to the lowest number free slot, which would still work.

Also, if a key is cloned, the first time the clone is used it renders the original it was cloned from useless, because the transpoder code rolls over (changes) each time any key is used. Useful information.
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