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How to Remove & Clean Soft Top Headliner?

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The Headliner on my soft top is stained and dirty and I would like to remove itand clean it. I see the six screws that holds the front of the headliner, how do you remove it from the rear bow? And what is the best product to clean it with? I am sure it is britle so I know that I need to be careful.
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something I've found that is great for cleaning almost any fabric is a product called "spot shot". It's in a spray can, listed as a carpet cleaner. I've used it to clean headliners, carpets, fabric, any fabric in the car and house. Works quick and amazing. IMHO better than the foam cleaners, leaves no residue and works quick.

I had a section of my headliner with some spots on it and spot shot did the trick.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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