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Problem solved............

took the unit to many places and no one was able to remove or attempt to remove fear of breakage.


1. support unit w/ three EVEN height objects. In this case, 12pks of beer.

2. gently heat unit till 350 deg w/ heat gun, monitor w/ temp gun.

3. rotate every 10 seconds for about 4-5 minutes to bring the area of interest to 350 deg.

4. tap shaft with small screw several times with about 4-5 pounds of force. In my case, 3 taps was all that was required.

5. insert the new motor shaft while unit is still warm. Press firmly with body weight w/ plastic cage rested on flat concrete floor. Let unit cool and its ready for reinstall.

6. you just saved yourself $400+ on an entire new oem unit.


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