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I've noticed that my rear height was looking a little low which may be just that the springs have softened slightly over the years or that because I have wide 9.5J wheels with 20mm spacers on the back and also 15mm spacers on the front, it seems to give the appearance that the car sits lower at the back. Either way I wanted to raise the rear up sligthly to get it looking right, I knew it was easy as I've done this many times before and decided to take some photos and gives advise on how you can do this taking about 20mins per side with minimal tools.

You will need:

1 . Trolley jack
2. 2 x 19mm socket wrenches
3 . Axle stand
4 . Hammer

- Remove wheel and support back with axle stand on convenient place.
- Place one 19mm socket on bottom pivot bolt and the other on the nut end and remove nut.
- Take the trolley jack and gently support the arm from underside to take strain, if you get it just right the bolt will pull out easy, otherwise gentle tap with hammer and then continue using the socket to remove from pivot hole.
- lower jack gently and push down arm, the spring simply then can be lifted out. You may find the rubber pad on the top gets stuck or falls out. Use long nose pliers to ease out.

You can see from the photos that I have different pads that I have made up over the years to tailor my cars height. I place them on the top of the spring first with tape to ensure that they are seated correctly againts the end of the coil. Make sure the bottom of the spring also seats correctly in its grove end stop on the arm too and if you have progressive springs the tighter coils go to the top. You make find the hole is a bit tricky to line up to get the bolt back in, use a ratchet strap if needed to help pull the arm in sideways. My tyre wear has remained perfectly flat too.

My car now sits about 5mm higher at the back and looks perfectly even compared with the front (Im now happy again !!:)


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