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How to keep a 126 in top condition

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Use a 123 for winter!


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Very droll. Not certain they'd want a Brit there, TeaParty/BP and all.

Er, how about the OM617/SEC butchery I proposed? Happy to trade a stout RUF motor.
Most southerners have a "live and let live" attitude..and are friendlier than most in the North..AND they love BP...don't believe the hype bud. ;)
In regards to keeping my w126 tip top (Rust free, nowhere near tip top), My solution is a 140 ;)
Bro..when I think of a 140..all I can think about are all the people bitchin' about electronic problems them..*shudders*..though I know you said yours has been good..*knock on wood*.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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