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Thanks so much for this thread.
I have read through it and think adding bluetooth to my car could need a lot of parts.
I can not seem to find any phone bulletins that relate to my car.

I have a 2006 E500 Wagon
VIN: WDBUH83J46X200312

I think the first step would be to determine if the car has the prewire harness.

How do I tell if the car is prewired for phone?
Does anyone know of any pictures illustrating what I am looking for?
I can provide pictures if that helps.

Thanks! -- Steven
Thanks so much for the reply and info.

I will keep looking around.
I think in the wagons the placement may be a bit different.
The area directly behind back seats is the foldout third row backward facing seats.

Because the third row is in the floor behind the back seats, the DVD and phone stuff is moved to the sides.

If anyone else has any experience with 2006 wagons and phones it is really appreciated.

Thanks! -- Steven
Any background you can share in this car? I’m looking to buy it.

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2009 ML 350 4Matic
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Not sure if this thread is still active, but figured I'd give it a try.

Overall, this is about;
1) need for version coding if replacing like for like Comand unit 2.0
2)What system(s) actually get version coded?
- For a 2000 clk 430, what did coding get me as side from enabling the instrument cluster?

The story:
I still have my 2000 CLK 430 w. COMAND / NAVI. In 2013, bought all the v60 needed equipment from Keith V. At the time, he said I only needed version coding if I wanted the Telephone to show up in the instrument cluster. (my NAVI already did) Phone and VCM worked right when he installed it.

So a few months later, I took it to the Dealer, and they version coded it - so I have the Tel show up in the cluster

All was good for a while....until the COMAND unit had issues;
1) phone volume control issues (use of volume during calls caused speaker popping sounds in one speaker)
2) COMAND would sometimes do really weird things, like keep on beeping when I inputted telephone numbers and/or

So I replaced COMAND. The replacement is an exact w208 match with proper gyro, etc. I did NOT take this back to the dealer for version coding again - since I already had a COMAND unit as part of the system and everything works.

Based on what you both shared in the aforementioned chats, it appears coding again isn’t needed.

I'm still curious because I noticed, in some COMAND testing the other day, when I re-tried my old unit, the Pos Actual/Config values matched and this isn't the case with the newer one.

  • Pic 1 shows my old COMAND (still have it!) and the Pos Actual/Config
  • Pic 2 shows the COMAND I bought in 2013 with Pos Actual Config.
Note; Both "Actual" values are set up,per the proper sequence per the bulletin (pic 3, last column) Only the "Config" is different. It appears that is appropriate because;
- Pic 3 Shows an important bulletin page with a NOTICE to ensure you use the d2b component sequence in the order of the table (specified value seen in the table) and NOT to match the configuration of the vehicle. (I think that is the value seen in the "Config" column of COMAND)

I'm wondering if the weird stuff (especially item the weird constant beeps) from my old COMAND was because the values matched and the system and whatever gets coded (is it COMAND that gets version coded, or another system?

Attached shows the photos.
Edit; Added another photo that shows handy, SBS etc. This screen appears on BOTH COMAND units...same thing


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2007 AMG CLK 63 Cab
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wow ... there is A LOT of content in this thread.

I spend 15-20 minutes reading and honestly I am more confused by the shear volume of information.

so, I will ask for assistance

I have a 2007 CLK with the single CD & Nav radio
I use iphone with Verizon

I am wondering if there is a "puck" of something that can be plugged into the back of the radio in the "Aux" port(s) to allow for easy hooking up of my phone ... for charging phone as well as maybe USB ports for re-loading u with music.

any insight is appreciated

thanks in advance
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